Vida will be a new café on 84th and Layton in Greenfield, WI in the new development known as the Lokal. Vida plans to feature specialty coffee, fresh foods, and excellent service. The vision includes a clean, welcoming layout and staff dedicated to serving the surrounding communities with the best possible service. Vida also plans to give back to the community through educational programs and fundraisers that will truly enrich the lives of those within the area.

Buena Vida is a student-run business founded in 2010. Since joining Blue & Gold Ventures, Buena Vida has made a pivot in order to become more profitable and sustainable, while keeping a focus on social entrepreneurship, because for every bag of coffee we sell we donate a meal to a child in need. Buena Vida wholesale is now under the management of Vida.



Kat Djokic

Hannah Engel

Aseel Tabaza
Marketing Manager

Krystal Chao
Whole Sale COO

Liz Darling