1881 Event Productions

Associate Project Manager

As an Associate Project Manager at 1881, you will be planning and executing high level events in the Milwaukee Community, ranging between Non-Profit Events and fun-runs in the city. The planning entails and is not limited to working with caterers, potential sponsors, and clients to provide them a successful event. You will be expected to attend events you plan, arriving there before and leaving only after the event and recap has occurred.  The position requires 10-15 hours per week. 

Event Management Intern

As an intern here at 1881, you will shadow and aid an Associate Planner for the production of one or more events. The Associate Planner will act as your boss, assigning you tasks that are beneficial to development of each event. From the Associate Planner you are expected to learn the value of time management, organization, and event management. Assuming expectations are met and the Associate Planner can attest to your ability to produce an event start to finish, an Associate Planner job position may be available to you. This internship requires maximum of 10 hours a week. 

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Not sure which position you prefer, but know that you want to get involved with Vida? Learn more about this venture and inquire about opportunities on Vida’s website.

Eagle Incubator

Associate Program Director

As the Associate Program Director, you will be tasked with assisting the Program Director with day-to-day duties. In addition, because of the small of the program, you must also be willing to take initiative and oversee projects and complete deliverables without oversight. Entrepreneurs within Eagle Incubator will be looking to you for support, so you must be willing and comfortable enough to assist in creating the programming that educates entrepreneurs on certain skills.

Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing at Eagle Incubator you will also be in charge of social media for Tangible. A schedule of posts will be required each week based on discussions with the program director. In addition, you will be creating all relevant social media pages and creating events for followers to join at the respective space (Eagle Incubator or Tangible). Individual consulting with startups regarding social media may be required.

Nest Incubator

Event Coordinator

As the event coordinator, you will be tasked with generating and managing events that will benefit entrepreneurs in Nest. Nest will be hosting weekly events to support entrepreneurs and increase brand recognition, ending with a showcase during Milwaukee Startup Week. While you may not be required to oversee day to day operations, supporting the Program Director and Associate Program Director in events is expected to ensure success.

Blockchain Lab

General Interest

Job openings at Marquette’s Blockchain lab are currently being formulated. More positions will be available soon.

Want to get involved with the Blockchain Lab? Learn more about this venture and inquire about opportunities on Marquette Blockchain Lab’s website.


There are no positions currently open.

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