It all started when…

Student-Run Business Programs date back to 1894, when a student started collecting laundry to pay tuition at Cornell University. Now, nearly 25 programs are thriving across in the US and Canada.

These programs can employ more than 500 students who manage up to $6mil in annual revenues. While they still help students pay tuition, most are now focused on providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to young leaders who take on the challenge of joining or heading scaling enterprises.

In 2018,

The Marquette University College of Business Administration, under leadership of Dean Brian Till, funded the launch of Blue and Gold Ventures (B&G) to enable all students of Marquette to learn by doing.

The focus of the program is on helping students become experienced business and change leaders that can “set the world on fire,” and the program aims to employ more than 250 students across 12+ businesses by 2022.