How is B&G Ventures affiliated with Marquette?

Blue and Gold Ventures is a separate, but closely partnered, entity from Marquette University. Both Marquette’s Provost and Dean of the College of Business Administration hold one appointment (each) to B&G’s five-member Board of Directors.

How many businesses are in the program?  

Currently, there are five businesses in B&G. This number will change as businesses evolve, grow, close, and as new ones are added each year. 

What kind of businesses already exist? 

Currently we have a Blockchain Lab, Event Planning Business, Café, Ecommerce Coffee Company, and a Incubator.

Is this part of a National Association? 


What other universities have similar programs?

Harvard, Cornell University, Princeton, Penn, etc. 

Do I have to be a business student? 

No. There are many positions available that are not applicable to business students. 

How do I apply to join a existing business? 

If you click the jobs tab at the top of this webpage, you can browse the positions available at each of the existing companies! If you find a job you are interested in applying for, click that companies name and it will take you to their website to apply!

Do I have to be a certain year at Marquette? 

No. All years are encouraged to join and their positions will be decided based on their skill sets and availability within the program. 

How do you begin the process of starting a business? 

Once you have come up with an entrepreneurial business idea, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea during an event called "Demo Day". You will pitch to an audience consisting of the board of directors, the CEO of Blue and Gold Ventures, and the Student Board of Advisors. Once you pitch your idea, you will be given a red, yellow, or green light. A red light means your idea is not right for the program, yellow means you need to revise your business plan, and a green light means you have received the requested funding.  

Does the program fund the start-up? 

Yes, to an extent. The amount of funds allocated to your business will be voted on by the board of directors, the CEO of Blue and Gold Ventures, and the Student Board of Advisors. 

Are there mentors that aid in starting each startup?

Yes. One of the first steps each business takes is to create a board of advisors that will assist with major decisions. 

When did this program begin? 

This program began in the Fall of 2017. 

How can I get involved in an existing business? 

To get involved with an existing business, visit their website or reach out to a member of the executive board.