The Person Behind the Post

I know this isn’t B&G Ventures’ first blog post.

But before our team adds weekly content to the website, I think it is important to explain the purpose of this blog and introduce the team members who make it possible for each venture to share their story.

My name is Emma Tomsich and I am the blog’s writer. I am a sophomore at Marquette University studying corporate communications, public relations and marketing. I have a background in journalism and a passion for writing.

I first learned about Marquette’s student-run business program when I was assigned to write an article about it for the university’s paper. Immediately after interviewing members and advisors of the program, I thought to myself, “Wow. I need to become a part of this program.”

I was worried at first because I wasn’t a business major (I was a journalism major at the time), and I wondered, “How could a non-business major join a ‘business’ program?”

I talked to Owen Raisch, CEO of Blue & Gold Ventures, and I said, “I can’t do much, but I can write.”

Owen connected me with Kat Christian, former president of 1881 Event Productions, and I began working as the event planning company’s Public Relations Representative.

After only a few months working with 1881 EP, I was opened to a whole new experience on campus. I was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer, and I began to realize that I enjoyed business, and I was good at it.

My experiences showed me that I’m more than a writer -- I’m a social media influencer, thinker, innovator, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and so much more.

I learned a lot from this program in less than a year, but the most important lesson I learned was that you get out of this program what you put in.

I joined 1881 EP looking for opportunities to write, and even though I had them, I learned so many other skills. Yet, I still continued to seek out other opportunities to use my talent to better this program, and now I couldn’t be more excited about the blog’s launch.

Anyone can join this program, but what makes it special is having students with different backgrounds sharing their individual talents to improve the program as a whole.

The student-run business program is open and advertised to any student at Marquette. Each venture is made up of a wide variety of personalities, majors, ages and aspirations. The program is successful because it encourages collaboration between a freshman studying engineering and a senior who wants to go to law school. When individuals come together, amazing things are created, just like this blog.

The B&G Blog started as an idea from Owen Raisch and was enhanced by myself and Andres Isidoro, CMO of B&G Ventures.

I work as the writer for the blog and Andres creates visual content to pair with each post.

When creating the blog, we wanted to provide a spot for people around the world to learn about what students in our program are doing (because they’re doing some pretty awesome things).

We hope that other schools will utilize this blog as a reference for building student-run businesses at their schools, and we want to use this platform to gain a following and document the amazing things we do. We hope this can also be a resource to inform and attract other students at Marquette to bring their talents to the program.

As we officially launch our blog this week, expect to see regular content featuring each of our ventures. If you have any post ideas or tips for our blog, feel free to reach out to our team or leave a comment below!