The Person Behind the Post

The Person Behind the Post

I know this isn’t B&G Ventures’ first blog post.

But before our team adds weekly content to the website, I think it is important to explain the purpose of this blog and introduce the team members who make it possible for each venture to share their story.

My name is Emma Tomsich and I am the blog’s writer. I am a sophomore at Marquette University studying corporate communications, public relations and marketing. I have a background in journalism and a passion for writing.

5 Things learned from hosting Milwaukee’s first PropTech Conference

5 Things learned from hosting Milwaukee’s first PropTech Conference

Education, innovation and networking were united on May 1 at Venue Forty Two during Milwaukee’s first ever property technology conference. The conference was the first part of the Smart City Series hosted by REVAMP Property Management.

As a property technology pioneer, the conference aimed to involve professionals and thought leaders with Milwaukee’s tech hub movement through presentations, panels, roundtables, and breakout sessions.

Graham Bowerman, President of REVAMP Property Management said he thinks the event went great, considering it was the first event of its kind in Milwaukee. He said the conference allowed people to get excited and talk about topics like property technology and work towards advancing the city.

“(Getting more people involved with Milwaukee’s tech hub movement) means we’re headed in the right direction,” Bowerman said.

Though the conference was an engaging and informative experience for attendees and speakers alike, Bowerman said he learned a lot about hosting a conference for the first time.

He hopes that others can learn from his experience too, by following these 5 lessons…

1) Form a strong team, and play to their strengths

Bowerman said the PropTech Conference would not have been possible without the help from his team and everyone else who was involved.

The REVAMP Property Management Team is made up of Bowerman, Charles Yauck (Director of Finance) and Rheana Garbis (Chief Marketing Officer). Their team collaborated with Izzy Staton and Emma Tomsich from 1881 Event Productions to plan and coordinate the conference.

“I feel incredibly grateful to be part of a team who prides themselves on collaboration and innovation,” Bowerman said. He also received help from Owen Raisch, Matt Cordio, Andy Hunt, and Alec Shaw.

Bowerman said he especially would not have been able to host the conference without Alec Shaw. “He’s been my right hand man through all of this and we’ve grown pretty close, resulting in a pretty awesome conference and an even better friendship,” he said.

“Running” our first marathon

“Running” our first marathon

If you would have asked anyone on the 1881 Event Productions team one year ago if we could see ourselves helping to plan a high-class marathon with a record breaking number of runners, we would have probably responded with, “Ha. The chances of us running a marathon are more likely.”

Kat Christian, President and founder of 1881 Event Productions has now had experience running and planning a marathon.

“It is definitely easier to plan a marathon,” Christian said.